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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 Month Update

Weight: somewhere between 19 and 20 pounds
Height: 26 1/4" (at his last appointment)
Head Circumference: 

Sorry for the Blog hiatus.  My page wouldn't load properly for some reason for over a month so I was unable to update.   ::Frowny face::

Eats: Ezra loves to eat.  He loves all the stage 2 mixes, (except peas, green beans, and peaches) and he even likes them warmed up a little in the microwave.  He eats 2 meals a day which is usually about 2 tablespoons of cereal and 4 oz of a fruit or veggie.  I don't quite have the stomach to try the meats yet.  We've given him little pieces of chicken and he seems to like that.

Also, those Gerber puffs seems to be his new BFF.  It is the cutest thing to watch him try and pick them up and get them to his mouth.  They'll keep him occupied for a good 10 minutes though.   Enough time to do lots of things in mommy world

Sleeps: Amazing.

He usually goes down around 7:30 - 8:30 and sleeps until 6:30.

He is having trouble napping during the day however.  I feel bad for my sister in law who seems to only get a good 10 minutes or so of sleeping from him during the day.  Not sure if there's too much to pay attention to or if it's just because he's not in the comfort of his own home.

Likes: Watching people.  He is the nosiest person I know.  He watches everyone and if he's almost sleeping and someone makes a peep, his head shoots up and he looks around to see where it came from.  This child definitely can hear.

Swimming.  We've started a swim "class" at the Boys and Girls club on Saturday mornings.  I call it a "class" because really what can you teach a 7 month old about swimming?  Instinctually, he kicks and splashes his hands all around the pool.  He LOVES it.  And he loves watching the other little kids and going after all the little floating toys.  We're excited to get him in the pool at home soon!

He also loves to eat watermelon in his mesh feeder.  The mesh feeder is a little bag that you stuff squishy food in so that he can gum it and eat it but not choke.  He goes to town with watermelon.  He is usually quite sticky at the end of it but it's cute to watch.

Dislikes: His car seat is still by far his least favorite place on the planet.  It's a battle he has to go in it.  He does this "bridge" thing where he arches his back and uses his feet and his head to stick his belly out.  It's cute (the first 26 times) but he is STRONG.  I often feel bad for poking him in the belly or physically bending him in half to get him in the seat.  You would think he would be used to it by now!

Milestones: He's got the army crawl down pat.  He can get from one side of the room to the other very quickly if there's something that he wants (i.e speck of inedible paper, dust bunny, dog toy, or anything else that should not go in his mouth).  I'm not sure he's every going to crawl with his belly off the floor but he is very quick already.  He also likes to stand his legs up and do the downward facing dog pose like he's just going to stand up and walk one day.  Again, he's so strong.

He gets himself sitting up and back down to the floor all by himself.  He will even catch himself if he's losing his balance.  There are still a few head smashes to the floor but we're getting there.

His pincher grasp is coming along.  Put a speck of something on the carpet and he'll go for it from across the room and use his little fingers to get it to his mouth.  Very quickly. He's also starting some finger foods.

Things I want to remember about this age:
All of your babbles.  You say the cutest things without saying anything at all!

How determined you are.  You will definitely go for whatever you want, I'm hoping this carries through to adulthood.

The way you look at things.  Like everything is new.  Your surprised face is the best.  I've never seen such big blue eyes.

Here are some 7 month photos for your viewing pleasure:

"What do you mean a bunny came in the house and left me this?"
What a handsome boy
A boy's best friends
Mom, put the darn camera away
Did you see that!!

The yoga pose


  1. So glad you are back! He is so so cute :)

  2. Loved your update. He is adorable!!

  3. Sounds like a fun age!
    What did you do to get him to sleep through the night?


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