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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parenting the Early Years Magazine Subscription

2 years for $3!! 

I love me a good deal.

Go here and sign up for Eversave emails, get a $2 credit off the $5 price.

These magazines also have 20% diapers coupons occasionally.  Plus, I love having magazines to read. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Missy over at ...And Baby Makes Three and Shan over at Sweet Stellas have just given me the Stylish blogger Award.  I'm so flattered!  I really write these posts as an escape for me and I love that other people read (and dare I say enjoy, at least a little) my posts.

Now on to the rules that come with receiving this award....
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Seven things about myself:

1. My favorite thing to do in the summer is ride my purple motorcycle.  I didn't get to ride last summer because I was busy growing a healthy baby but I look forward to taking a few rides when the weather gets warm.  My husband and I have traveled around the country with our bikes.
2. Most of you probably can tell I'm a little anxious, but I'm also claustrophobic.  I've practically pushed people out of the way to get out of an elevator.  I hate the feeling of being trapped.
3. I sucked my thumb until I was in third grade.  I also had a stuffed puppy that I slept with until I was in college. 
4. When I started going to college I was certain I didn't want to be a special education teacher - I only wanted to be a classroom teacher.  Now I can't picture doing anything but teaching special education!
5. I worked just about full time all the way through 4 years of college.
6. I met my husband in high school.  He was a varsity wrestler and I was a wrestling team manager.  I actually asked him out first - we went to the Winter Ball together.  Who would have thought almost 11 years later we're still together!
7. I might have a borderline shopping addiction.  One reason I was excited to go back to work was because whenever I'm bored and at home I always end up at a store and always buy something I don't need that I'll probably end up returning later (which is another reason to go back to the store!).  I think I've funneled that energy into budgeting, bargain shopping, trading, and coupon clipping but sometimes I just can't help myself!

Award ten great bloggers: (I had to change it to 10 because many of the blogs I read already received the award!)

1. Shannon at Waiting for Baby Shmizz
2. Melissa at Rick and Melissa plus 1
3. Mrs.EyeCanSee at The juice is worth the squeeze
4. L&R at An Element of Blank
5. Ashley at Ashley Quite Frankly
6. Kim at Baby, I'ma Tryin
7. Anasara at PCOS: Pretty Crappy Ovary Syndrome
8. PFF at The many thoughts of a reader
9. lissasue3 at Up to the Moon and Back
10. Jill at Already a Family

Please check out these awesome blogs!

Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Month Update

Weight:My guess would be about 18 pounds (he doesn't have another appointment until next month) He's almost grown out of his 6 months clothes! Yikes!
Height: ?
Head Circumference: ?

Eats: We've made the switch to formula officially.  I'm still weeding through my freezer stash at this point so he's getting some breast milk every day.  It was just too much for me to pump at work and I wasn't getting enough each time I pumped to replace a feeding.  I think it's much less stressful for me - which is nice, and Ezra couldn't care less.

Sleeps: Amazing.  No real problems here.  My chubby baby is a great sleeper.

He's been moved to his crib with no real issues.  He naps and sleeps there and doesn't seem to mind. 

Likes: Music.  He loves to hear the music on his exersaucer or at church.  I'm not a great singer, but he seems to like it when I sing to him. (Maybe he's just humoring me)

He likes to suck/chew on his hands.  They are always in his mouth.  This leads to much drool and lots of bib and shirt changes.  Sometimes he'll fall asleep just sucking on his fist.  He has a lot more success locating his hands than a pacifier so I don't really mind!  We are wondering if there is a tooth coming through under there though with the force he sometimes chews on his fingers.

He also likes any toys that light up.  The movement of something is much less interesting than something with lights.

Dislikes: He seems to get bored much more quickly now.  He likes change - new hanging toys, different place in the house, different sounds.

He also seems to not like it when Mike and I are eating.  No matter what his schedule is that day (if he should be happy because he just ate, or should be sleeping, or whatever) he always gets upset during dinner time.  Usually just one of us gets to eat at a time.  We've tried the bouncer, the bumbo, the excersaucer - he just doesn't like to see us eating!  I have a feeling he's going to love the transition to solids in a few months.

Milestones: He rolled over!!  See this post for a video.  He's only rolled completely over that one time, but he's been attempting to roll over a lot.  He gets those little legs going and it's the cutest thing!

We also moved up a snap on his cloth diapers.  He's now in the medium rise setting.  This just means he's growing!

He's sleeping in his crib!

Things I want to remember about this age: The way you nuzzle my neck when you're tired.

The sounds you make in your crib when you're talking to yourself.  Whether you're blowing raspberries, yelling, singing, or gurgling I love sitting by the baby monitor just to listen.

The way you kick your feet when you're excited about something (or angry).  They go a mile a minute - like you want them to take you somewhere.

The first morning smile over the edge of the crib.  Sometimes I think you forgot that I lived there, too, and you're surprised to see me.  It's the best smile of the day.

Here are some 3 month photos for your viewing pleasure:

Go Pats! (Even though they lost)

Look at those neck muscles!

Baby in his Bumbo

My favorite PJ's
Cutest double chin I've ever seen

 P.S. You can always put your email in the subscribe section on the right if you want to get more frequent Ezra updates!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: My Baby Rolled Over!

At first he's just playing with his little duck and I was so surprised at how intent he was with hitting the duck - just wait until the end!

He kept trying to do it again.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big Switch

To formula that is.

We've decided (well really I've decided because lets face it they are MY boobs) to start switching to formula. 

Going back to work has been somewhat stressful for me - although thanks to 2 snow days last week and a holiday today, I've spent more time at home that at work!  The stressful part is pumping.  I really don't like pumping.

It's weird to take your boobs out in your classroom - even if the door is locked.  And the janitor unlocked my door without even knocking one day and just walked in.  Who opens a locked door without knocking?!

It takes at least 20 minutes to set up, pump, clean up.  Thankfully my mother bought me a pumping bra for Christmas so I can do some work while pumping because I can use my hands.

I'm just not responding to the pump as well as I'd like.  I had to pump 3 times a day to get enough milk for 2 feedings the next day.  I would often have to pump again before bed just to make sure there was enough for the babysitter. 

I just ended up being more anxious about the time I was taking away from my job - (who wants to be at work longer than they have to just to pump?) - the amount of milk I was or wasn't getting, and just the overall uncomfortable feeling of pumping.

I know in the back of my head that he'll be fine with formula, but I also have a little guilt because I feel like I'm being selfish.  I know rationally that my sanity is more important to Ezra's emotional health and being overly occupied with how many ounces of formula are in the fridge is counterproductive - but I still feel like I'm going to damage him somehow.  I think it's just a mom guilt thing.

On a positive note, he's taken the formula without any issues! Which is great for my anxiety.  He hasn't been anymore gassy or fussy or anything. 

Also, it has made trips away from the baby less anxious for me as well.  It is hard to plan your day in 3 hour increments when life is so unpredictable.  I was feeling like I couldn't be away from him for too long in case he got hungry or cranky.  Now it's much easier to just bring some formula with us in case he gets hungry or to send it with him to the sitter's.  I don't have to worry about having "enough" food.

He had also been getting a little frustrated at the breast, I think because the bottle's flow is faster than mine and because my supply had dipped a little and he had to work harder for food.  It put me over the edge a couple of times.  And now I don't have to worry about him getting enough to eat.

It's nice to let other people feed him, too.  And who really wants to get partially undressed in public or at a friend's house?

I still plan on feeding him in the mornings and when I'm home with him at night as much as I can for as long as I can.  And I'm going to continue one pumping session at lunch time each day.  I'll send some fresh milk and some of our frozen stash to the sitter's each day until it runs out. 

I think after a few days, I'll get used to the change a little more but I really do enjoy giving him a bottle.  He looks at me and around the room and he hangs onto my pinky finger.  It's the cutest thing ever.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Considerations I should've made...

1. Check the floor for creakiness when deciding where to put the baby's crib.  "creak, creak, creak" is not helpful when trying to place a sleeping baby into a crib.

2. Think about how you most often hold the baby before choosing the place for the mobile.  It is not fun to get bopped in the nose by a giraffe every time you put the baby down so his head is under the mobile.  Also, three-point baby turns in your arms are difficult when you are placing a sleeping baby in a crib.

3. Don't bother folding.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep everything neat in a drawer when it is all so small.  Just don't bother.

4. Should've registered for plastic storage containers, the big ones, to store all his clothes that he's to big for.  It's all in a pile right now in his room, I should probably do something about that...

5. Shirts with collars are cute, but collars are just spit up catchers.  There is no way to get a bib over a collar.  You will change his shirt 4 times that day.

6. Buy a house with a nursery on the first floor, near the TV, computer, and refrigerator.  You're butt will not get smaller from walking up and down the stairs 86 times a day - and the precise amount of time it takes to get from the couch up the stairs to the crib is the amount of time it takes a baby to get really pissed about losing their pacifier while almost sleeping.

7. Only make half a dinner.  Only one of you will get to eat at a time anyway - the other will be doing anyone of the following at dinner time: catching spit up, consoling a cranky baby, walking up and down the stairs replacing a pacifier, changing a diaper (which really can ruin a meal), or making stupid faces to try and make the baby laugh.

But - even without having made these considerations, life is much better with all the chaos.  ;)

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Cutest Baby Ever

He reeeeeeeally loves the Panda's on his exersaucer - watch him grab them!!

He is starting to make lots of noise now when he's awake.  He cracks me up

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to work

Since I've been back to work for 3 days now, I can say it has been great and terrible all rolled into one.

For whatever reason, my mommy brain has finally kicked in and I can't remember anything.  On Monday, I left my breast pump at home and had to drive to get it.  On Tuesday, I left my cell phone at school.  On Wednesday, I forgot my ATM code, and still can't remember it.  Not to mention I locked myself out of my classroom at least 6 times in the last 3 days.

Also, getting ready in the morning is a task.  I didn't realize how much harder it would be to get out of the house in a timely fashion with a baby.  I get up at 5:30 and try to be completely ready by 6:30 - bags packed, clothes ready, lunch packed, etc.  But it seems to take different amounts of time each day.  UG.

Then I get the little guy up at 6:30 to eat, which is hard for him.  It's funny.  He already has the "seriously mom, it's only 6:30" face when I get him out if the crib.  But I love to snuggle with him before I leave.  He's so snuggly when he's tired.

Also, the cloth diapers are a little challenging to get together and get in the bag.  I will admit, this has been the hardest part about it so far.  I usually just leave the covers in the baby's room and then stuff them as I need them at home, but now I need to stuff before hand and it's just like folding laundry.  I tend to procrastinate.  I will get the hang of it, I know.

On top of all of the adjustment, Ezra is getting the beginning of what might be a diaper rash, so we're using sposies anyway so we can use cream.  But it's been 24 hours and it still looks red.  I feel bad for him!

Also, I'm getting a cold or some other unidentifiable sickness that makes me tired and annoyed.  I started my period again.  Yes folks, that only 2 WEEKS after my first post-partum period.  I'm crampy, moody, and tired from that, too.  Just ask Mike, I'm a total picnic this week.

I have to say that being away from him during the day was easier than I expected.  I'm pretty busy at school, which keeps my mind off of it, and I only had the urge to cry a few times on the first day.  I do enjoy getting out of the house and socializing with some different people and I look forward to seeing him when I get home.  It makes me appreciate being a mom and pay attention so much more when I do have him there.

Not to mention having child care that I totally trust helps, too.  I'm not worried that he's not getting what he needs.

Ezra had a little bottle adjustment issues, too, but it seems like we've mediated that with trying out some different bottles and nipples.  Hopefully, we're out of the woods! 

In other news, my BFF got engaged over the New Year! Wahoo! Which means wedding planning stuff is in my future, which we all know I love.  So, Bridal Expo this weekend.  Exciting!  Hopefully I won't be too sad leaving him with a babysitter on the weekend, too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to work tomorrow...

I'm having completely mixed emotions about going back to work tomorrow.  While I know that I probably couldn't be a stay at home mom full-time, I'm going to miss that little booger soooooo much.

I'm looking forward to some alone time, I'm just so afraid of missing all the fun things that will be happening.  Rolling over, giggles, crawling, whatever.  It's so hard to know that what's best for your family is for someone else to spend the day with the best thing that's ever happened to you.

But, I will be strong.  I can't promise I won't cry - and I'm sure this will all be harder on me than on Ezra.  He'll be in such good hands, with lots of love and attention.  What more could I ask for?

Plus, I do miss teaching.  I do miss not having to bring a baby to the bathroom with me.  I do miss socializing with other people at lunch.  I do miss getting a paycheck every two weeks. (word)

But I'm sure I will miss those little round cheeks even more.

So what do I do when I get anxious?? That's right folks, I make a list.  Control at it's finest.  So here's the "Crap I Need to Pack Every Day for the Babysitter" list.  Please let me know if I'm missing any essentials.

1. Diapers (I'm thinking 8 cloth should be enough, we'll see) and wipes
2. Sposies
3. wet bag for dirty dipes
4. 2 burp clothes
5. 2 bibs
6. 4 bottles
7. pacifier and wubbuNub
8. 2 changes of clothes
9. receiving blanket
10. thermometer
11. baby aspirin
12. gas drops and nasal drops
13. various small toys
14. baby torture device (aka - nasal aspirator suction thingy)
15. travel size lotion, baby soap, hand sanitizer

So say a prayer tomorrow morning at 7:15 that my sister and law won't have to rip the baby out of my clutches and I won't get into an accident on the way to work while hysterically crying and feeling guilty.