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Friday, January 14, 2011

Considerations I should've made...

1. Check the floor for creakiness when deciding where to put the baby's crib.  "creak, creak, creak" is not helpful when trying to place a sleeping baby into a crib.

2. Think about how you most often hold the baby before choosing the place for the mobile.  It is not fun to get bopped in the nose by a giraffe every time you put the baby down so his head is under the mobile.  Also, three-point baby turns in your arms are difficult when you are placing a sleeping baby in a crib.

3. Don't bother folding.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep everything neat in a drawer when it is all so small.  Just don't bother.

4. Should've registered for plastic storage containers, the big ones, to store all his clothes that he's to big for.  It's all in a pile right now in his room, I should probably do something about that...

5. Shirts with collars are cute, but collars are just spit up catchers.  There is no way to get a bib over a collar.  You will change his shirt 4 times that day.

6. Buy a house with a nursery on the first floor, near the TV, computer, and refrigerator.  You're butt will not get smaller from walking up and down the stairs 86 times a day - and the precise amount of time it takes to get from the couch up the stairs to the crib is the amount of time it takes a baby to get really pissed about losing their pacifier while almost sleeping.

7. Only make half a dinner.  Only one of you will get to eat at a time anyway - the other will be doing anyone of the following at dinner time: catching spit up, consoling a cranky baby, walking up and down the stairs replacing a pacifier, changing a diaper (which really can ruin a meal), or making stupid faces to try and make the baby laugh.

But - even without having made these considerations, life is much better with all the chaos.  ;)


  1. Good call on the plastic container thing, I never thought to register for them, I just ended up buying them :( I keep one in his closet, and then when I notice that something is too small, I just throw it in there after its been washed. So far little man has 2.5 tubs of clothes he has grown out of...
    Oh, and I emailed you back from the last email address you sent me, so sorry!!!!!!


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