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Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Month Update

Weight:My guess would be about 18 pounds (he doesn't have another appointment until next month) He's almost grown out of his 6 months clothes! Yikes!
Height: ?
Head Circumference: ?

Eats: We've made the switch to formula officially.  I'm still weeding through my freezer stash at this point so he's getting some breast milk every day.  It was just too much for me to pump at work and I wasn't getting enough each time I pumped to replace a feeding.  I think it's much less stressful for me - which is nice, and Ezra couldn't care less.

Sleeps: Amazing.  No real problems here.  My chubby baby is a great sleeper.

He's been moved to his crib with no real issues.  He naps and sleeps there and doesn't seem to mind. 

Likes: Music.  He loves to hear the music on his exersaucer or at church.  I'm not a great singer, but he seems to like it when I sing to him. (Maybe he's just humoring me)

He likes to suck/chew on his hands.  They are always in his mouth.  This leads to much drool and lots of bib and shirt changes.  Sometimes he'll fall asleep just sucking on his fist.  He has a lot more success locating his hands than a pacifier so I don't really mind!  We are wondering if there is a tooth coming through under there though with the force he sometimes chews on his fingers.

He also likes any toys that light up.  The movement of something is much less interesting than something with lights.

Dislikes: He seems to get bored much more quickly now.  He likes change - new hanging toys, different place in the house, different sounds.

He also seems to not like it when Mike and I are eating.  No matter what his schedule is that day (if he should be happy because he just ate, or should be sleeping, or whatever) he always gets upset during dinner time.  Usually just one of us gets to eat at a time.  We've tried the bouncer, the bumbo, the excersaucer - he just doesn't like to see us eating!  I have a feeling he's going to love the transition to solids in a few months.

Milestones: He rolled over!!  See this post for a video.  He's only rolled completely over that one time, but he's been attempting to roll over a lot.  He gets those little legs going and it's the cutest thing!

We also moved up a snap on his cloth diapers.  He's now in the medium rise setting.  This just means he's growing!

He's sleeping in his crib!

Things I want to remember about this age: The way you nuzzle my neck when you're tired.

The sounds you make in your crib when you're talking to yourself.  Whether you're blowing raspberries, yelling, singing, or gurgling I love sitting by the baby monitor just to listen.

The way you kick your feet when you're excited about something (or angry).  They go a mile a minute - like you want them to take you somewhere.

The first morning smile over the edge of the crib.  Sometimes I think you forgot that I lived there, too, and you're surprised to see me.  It's the best smile of the day.

Here are some 3 month photos for your viewing pleasure:

Go Pats! (Even though they lost)

Look at those neck muscles!

Baby in his Bumbo

My favorite PJ's
Cutest double chin I've ever seen

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  1. ahhh! love the duckie pjs!
    ps: i gave you a stylish blogger award over at Sweet Stellas!


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