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Monday, July 11, 2011

Round 2 - What do you think? Boy or Girl?

Our "big" ultrasound (aka anatomy scan) is scheduled for July 21st, a mere 10 days away!  I'm excited to get to see the little guy or girl.  S/he's been moving around quite a bit - it feels like more than I remember with Ezra, so hopefully we'll still be able to get some good shots.  

I included the list of old wives tales that indicate boy or girl and colored the ones that show I'm having a boy blue and the ones saying girl pink (innovative, I know).  I tried to locate some more on the internet to add.  

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-Carrying: It seems the same as Ezra, so I'll say I don't know.
-Heart Rate: Has been consistently in the 150's the old wives say girl (BUT, so was Ezra's)
I'm not really having cravings, just aversions.  I used to love steak, but really don't like the thought of eating it.  I have a sweet tooth normally, and it doesn't seem any worse.  I might say that I'm craving more savory things (Mike's carrots, pasta, bagels) so we'll say boy.
-M's weight gain:
Definitely not, if M gains weight during my pregnancy they say girl.
-Face shape:
I feel like my face has gotten rounder, so the old wives say girl
-Acne: I've had an increase in acne, and just an overall blah feeling, girl
-Age: age at conception 27, year of conception 2011, both odd the Mayans say boy
-Dry Hands: boy, but my hands are always dry...
-Morning Sickness: Worse than with Ezra.  I still get nauseous in the afternoons and if I take a nap, the old wives say bad m/s indicates a girl
-Chinese Gender Predictor: Girl
-Shettles Method: If intercourse is a few days before ovulation, more likely to have a girl, close to ovulation-boy.
-All belly vs. hips and butt: I definitely feel wider, not sure if this is just because my body never bounced back from being pregnant the first time, but the old wives say this indicates a girl 
-Breast size: If left is bigger, girl; if right is bigger, boy - My left is ALWAYS bigger, but we'll still say girl
-Mood: Moodier means girl, well I'm definitely moodier-I'm sure Mike would attest to that

I had to do a do-it-yourself belly shot at 18 weeks 3 days:


  1. Aww you look adorable! I'm going with a boy!

  2. I say girl just cause it would be fun to have one of each!!!

  3. Sister, Sister, Sister....


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