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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Vacation

So this summer, finances are a little tight, so we decided to take a few small trips instead of a big family trip.  During August we spent a week camping near the beaches in Rhode Island.  Minus the rainy first part of the week, we really had a great time!

When I say camping, I don't mean camping.  Mike and his mother have a pull behind camper with all of the basic amenities, bathroom, beds, stove, fridge, etc.  I don't know that would be brave enough to camp in a tent without a pregnant belly and a 10 month old - nevermind with them.

We got to spend a lot of time at the beach, which is one of my favorite things to do.  Mike and I pretty much got a system down for dragging everything from the car to the sand, setting up, and then taking it all down.

Ezra loves the beach, too.  He might have eaten enough sand to fill a sand box but it was fun to watch him roll around and dig, or chase the seagulls, or watching the boats.  He liked playing in the waves and knocking down sand castles.  He didn't seem to mind wearing his hat, getting sand in his diaper, or being knocked over by a surprise wave.  This kid really is easy going.

As I mentioned in this post  I attempted to take a bike ride.  Mike's dad has a child seat on the back of his bike that we borrowed and Ezra loved it.  Mommy and baby Violet did not enjoy the bike ride quite as much.  We enjoyed reading or relaxing while they went for rides.
Of course we went with the Harley Davidson helmet

Sometimes he even fell asleep!

I really enjoyed sitting by the campfire with Mike after Ezra went to sleep and reading my new Kindle (love my kindle!).  Or going out for ice cream or clam cakes (or both, lets be honest, I am pregnant).  The heat definitely kicked my butt a little bit and caused my nausea to kick in.  It was hard to stay cool when we were spending so much time outside.  Much different from last summer when I was pregnant with Ezra.

Here are some of my favorite beach photos!
Crazy eyes
Crawling in the water 

playing in the sand
Covered in sand
Whew, that was a long walk!
Mommy and Ezra

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