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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happiness is....

So, I'm stealing the idea from one of the blogs that I LOVE to read, because I definitely need to start focusing more on the positive.

Also, I may be slightly obsessed with Peanuts cartoons and this is a theme that Charles Shultz used often (and maybe I save them every time they come up on my daily calendar at school). I mean, happiness really is a warm puppy!

So for this week for me, happiness is my kindle. And I don't even have a fancy new one.

That may sound a little materialistic, but I don't mean it that way. Being back to work leaves me tired, stressed, and over stimulated. I do enjoy not being homeless and having groceries so it is an unfortunate necessity for our family right now.

A usual day consists of chasing an Eggo-crumb-dropping Ezra in the morning while I try to dry my hair, dealing with boogers and poop usually 22 seconds before I NEED to get out the door, and planning lessons, writing reports, and teaching someone else's children, all while I miss my own children. Then coming home and kind of thinking about dinner and house chores, trying not to strangle the endlessly barking dogs, getting Ezra down for a nap so he doesn't turn into a crazy person, and making sure to get Violet down for tummy time!

I look forward to the half an hour that I can curl up and read a little bit, and I'm loving how many books I can get for free or cheap on my kindle. Either by borrowing them, buying them with amazon credits I earned from a trade or taking a survey, or downloading free ones. It's awesome. Way cheaper and more relaxing than TV.

Some recent favorite reads are the Baxter family series from Karen Kingsbury, Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, and the Hunger Games series. I just downloaded Twilight, because I do love me some teen angst and will have a little more downtime to read next week when school is off.

What are some of your favorite reads?

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  1. love love Stephanie Plum and Hunger Games!!! I think you need some updated pictures of E and V!!

  2. I LOVE twilight! I LOVE JANET EVANOVICH AND I SO WANT TO READ HUNGER GAMES!! O man you got me excited! :)


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