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Monday, November 29, 2010

Final Nursery - sorry I'm late!

Sorry this took so long, but I forgot that I hadn't done a final nursery post.

Every time I go into Ezra's room it makes me so happy.  It came out just as I had imagined.  Ezra seems to love it in there, too, he's usually pretty happy on his changing table or just laying in his crib looking at the crib bumper.

I love the way the paint, fabrics, and woodwork go together.  I'm surprised that I was actually able to pull off a halfway decent bumper, skirt, and valences.  The saying over the crib says "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" just to remind me where my little baby came from.  The basket on the floor has all of the newborn size clothes that was given to me that Ezra never fit into, I'm thinking once I find a place for all his old clothes, I'll be putting blankets or books in there.

We use this armoire to hold all his blankets, sheets, burp cloths, receiving blankets, and towels.  I also have some baskets inside with hats, gloves, and other miscellaneous items.  The swing in the corner is on loaner from a good friend, we actually ended up being given another identical one that lives in our living room, and Ezra LOVES it.  It's kind of the Cadillac of swings - it has all the features and you can even hook up an iPod to it.  The frames on the wall are one of my favorite things - it has a small frame for each month - can't wait to fill it up and see how he changes each month.

This is kind of my "baby hub" it's where we spend most of our baby time right now.  All of Ezra's clothes are in the drawers.  Just because I've always loved to know how other people organized their itty bitty baby clothes: the top drawer has sleepers, cotton on one side fleece on the other, the second drawer has a basket in the middle for socks and white onsies, pants on one side of the basket and shirts on the other.  The third drawer has diaper related things and things that aren't in use yet (i.e. wipes, baby monitor, some toys, and plastic bags for the trash). 

The top drawer on the right hold the wipes and disposable diapers, the basket on top holds cloth diapers, and the compartment on the bottom has all bath products (soap, lotion, diaper cream) and any cloth diaper stuff that I'm not using right now.  The cloth diaper pail is on the left and his hamper is on the right. 

Eventually we'll move the rocking recliner from our bedroom to this corner when he starts sleeping in here and the night stand will go underneath the painting (that I did myself to match the fabrics).  All of his books, scrapbook, baby book, and picture album are in the night stand.  I'd like to get a small lamp for here, too, for when I'm feeding him at night or just rocking him back to sleep. 

The closet was difficult for me to organize because our generous family and friends gave us lots of stuff and some of it we can't use right away so it's a little bit of a mess.  But I love the fabric boxes for storage, and at least you can't really see what's going on in there.  I have one for all breastfeeding stuff, one for all first aid stuff, one for all his newborn cloth diapers that he doesn't wear anymore, and one for random stuff with no home. 

I'm finding out quickly that I don't really like to have to hang up clothes, so it stays hung when its new but then moves into his drawers after it's been washed.  So the clothes that are hanging up mostly haven't been worn.  I put a lot of the stuff we aren't using right away on the top and I have a container of all the clothes we have that's too big for him right now. 

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