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Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 weeks old today

Wow, time flies when you're changing diapers, feeding a baby, and losing sleep.  Just kidding... it feels much longer than 6 weeks.  ;)  I kid, I kid.  It really does go by fast - and I apologize for sounding like every mother you've ever met.

The little guy is going through his 6 week growth spurt, I think, and is super cranky and hungry.  He's cluster feeding which means he's eating less at each feeding but eating more often.  It's exhausting.  You really can't get anything done when you're breastfeeding.

And I feel like a crazy person, as usual, trying to cram a pacifier in his mouth, bounce him around, or whatever to keep him calm.  Right now he's sleeping in my Ergo carrier while I type this. 

So as far as development goes, everything seems on target.  6 weeks is supposed to be the crankiest time of all, I'm hoping.  Word of advice to those of you that are not yet moms, don't sign up for weekly emails to let you know what you're baby is supposed to be doing at each week.  They're fun when you're pregnant and you can't actually see if they are developing eyelashes or fingernails on time.  When you can actually see that your baby has not yet done whatever thing they are saying he should be doing, it's just asking for trouble (i.e. frantic phone call to your pediatrician/mom/friend).

I'm noticing that he's much more alert when he's awake and looking around.  He notices his hands a lot, which is cute, but he's not really using them to grab things or touch things from what I can tell.  It still seems like he's whacking his toys by accident or involuntary jerk.  He's smiling at people more which is definitely awesome.  I love to see a smile, it makes all the crying worth it!

Here he's smiling at his Memere (grandmother for those of you who are not French Canadian) on Thanksgiving.

He's also almost grown out of his 3 months clothes, I'm about ready to break out the 6 months clothes and just deal with them being a little big.  His feet stretch out the end of his feety pajamas.  It's cute!

Here's some more Ezra photos for your enjoyment:
How cute is his Thanksgiving outfit??

Dad's birthday

A smile for Mommy

How cute is this outfit for church??

This is my favorite picture (taken a few weeks ago, doesn't he look different already?)


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  2. OMG I am in love with the church outfit!


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