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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Worst Mom Ever Moment

I just almost clipped off the tip of my kid's finger while clipping his nails.  There was a little blood and a lot of screaming and tears (from both of us).  I feel terrible!!  I always hate clipping his nails and now I'm petrified to keep going with the remaining 4 fingers.

Hopefully he won't have an irrational fear of fingernail clippers and turn out to be a weird long fingernailed man.  Please tell me I haven't damaged him for life!!

Worst.Mom.Ever. :(

P.S. This is my 100th post!!! Wow!!  (I probably should've had a better post for 100, and made this one 101, oh well)


  1. You are not the worst mom, your a new mom! I haven't clipped my son's nails yet at almost 6 weeks old. I just file them because I am afraid, I have to get over my fears soon!

  2. Don't worry, much worse will happen, I promise! I watched in this surreal slow motion as I literally dove through mid-air for the bed as my 7 month old (who did not crawl) went from the middle of a king size bed, to falling right off of it in .02 seconds. He was fine, but I still feel awful about it!! :)


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