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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So, I suck at Valentine's Day

I forgot to wear red to school today - every student that saw me looked at me funny.

I forgot to put Ezra in red for his first valentine's - oops.

I didn't buy anything for Mike because I assumed we weren't exchanging gifts - double oops.

I even forgot to get a card for Mike from Ezra - triple oops.

Mike was super sweet and got me a card from him and a card from Ezra.  And a HUGE pile of candy - we all know I love candy (peanut butter M&M's - how fitting - lifesavers mints, snickers).  And a sonic jewelry cleaner. AND (I know I really suck at Valentine's day) flowers.  He hasn't bought me flowers for anything in YEARS.  Very sweet.

It's so nice to think that now I have 2 Valentines - Mike and Ezra.  Who could ask for more?

So maybe I'll get away with sharing my pile of candy with Mike?  Here's to hoping...

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  1. Don't feel bad. I have Mike's card, not filled out. I said we weren't doing gifts, he buys me an iPod shuffle. He didn't care, he thinks its a total girls holiday anyway.


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