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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some Favorite Things: 3 months

So, sorry for the blog-cation.  Things have been a little nutty around here, more on that later...

I have to say we only have 3 new favorite things now.  Ezra is showing lots more interest in his toys but I think once he can sit, roll, possibly crawl, he'll show even more interest.  Right now, everything is just going in his mouth, including the dog's nose, my hair, and other things that are not meant to be baby toys, so I'm not sure we can really  judge which items are his favorite.  heehee

Terry Cloth Bibs
Ezra can most definitely drool through a bib in about .4 seconds.  We're going through about 5 bibs a day, maybe more.  We've been speculating that a tooth might be coming in - with the way he gnaws on his hands and toys and all the drool - but nothing.

I prefer these bibs because they don't have a waterproof backing.  They are super absorbent, and absorb quickly.  The ones we have with waterproof backing seem to just make the spit-up and drool just roll off and onto his clothing.  I think the ones with the backing will be better once he starts eating food and we really just need a splash mat as opposed to something with absorbency.

These are from my least favorite store, Babies R Us.  10 for $12.99

Vibrating Teether

Affectionately called "the grapes."  We also have one that is shaped like a strawberry.  They sell for about $12 each on Amazon, but I got ours cheaper at Babies R Us ::gasp:: I almost can't believe it myself.

One of the main reasons we think Ezra might be teething is because he chomps on these grapes like nobody's business.  He is still working on how to hold them himself and get them into his mouth so that he can bite them the right way to make them vibrate. 

I don't know if they soothe him or not, but I've hung them from his floor gym and he always goes for them first.

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Jumperoo

This was the bargain of the century!  I actually got the floor model from BRU, put together, with batteries for $22.  These things sell for $80 and up so I'll take it!

My sister in law has a similar one and Ezra loves to jump in it during the day at her house.  I was so excited to find one so cheap for our house! He definitely prefers this over the stationary excersaucer and is quite the jumper.  I like that the music and lights play when he moves and they aren't too annoying yet.

My only complaint is that it isn't as sturdy as the newer versions (precious planet, rainforest, laugh 'n learn).  This one's legs are quite wobbly.  I don't usually leave him in it if I'm planning to leave the room for more than a pee break.  All the pieces are snapped together, so I'm not worried about it coming apart, at all, I just would prefer if it were a little more stable.

Here's a photo of the little guy enjoying some of his favorite things! (and yes there's Maybel being nosy)


  1. We have that jumper too, and I agree with you, it can be somewhat wobbly. Its so wierd, we have the ocean wonders bouncer too, and we had issues with that as well. In general, it seems that the PP and RF lines are just better quality, even though they are made by the same company.
    I might have to get Jack some of those grapes, he still hasn't found a teether that he likes, and I would LOVE for him to chew on something other than his hands.

  2. I am glad to hear that Ezra is drooling a lot too. K is drooling up a storm right now. I need to read up on teething, I guess I just assumed it didn't happen so early!! I am going to have to buy some of those grapes!!!


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