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Sunday, April 18, 2010

First baby purchase

And it was a big one!!

We started shopping for our nursery set this weekend, I just couldn't wait and know that eventually we'll need the furniture even if (God forbid) something awful happened. Originally I wanted a black crib, but that has been pretty impossible to find. Most companies that make black furniture make it "rubbed" which means its almost antiqued and looks a little country. We are not country. Exnay on the rubbing.

The other snafu was that most of the black or really dark licorice stained furniture was also outrageously expensive. The salesman today basically told us that black doesn't sell so no one makes it. Awesome. Move to plan B.

For this reason we started looking at Espresso finish furniture which is basically really dark brown. Definitely not black, and wouldn't really go with the black white yellow thoughts I was having so we decided to not really care so much about the finish and just find a set that we love love loved. We still like the dark finish more than white or light stain.

So we went to Baby Boudoir which was interesting to say the least! In Baby Bargains someone wrote in the it is a "rusty warehouse in a bad neighborhood" - which is totally true. It was almost comical how everything is set up. The bathroom didn't have a lock and there was a hole in the ceiling - no joke. However, they had a TON of stuff at awesome prices and the people that worked there totally knew their stuff. In order to get upstairs to all the good stuff, you had to walk outside, up the loading dock, in a small door, through a narrow hallway and up some more stairs. I was worried we were in some kind of scary movie for a minute.

They had more cribs than anything I've ever seen. Everything was set-up with prices and some really great package deals. We found a few things that we liked and ended up deciding on the Sorelle Maxine set. We got the crib (sleigh convertible), toddler bed rail, armoire, dresser with hutch, night stand, mattress, and changing pad all for about what we would have paid for a new 3 piece Munire set. Orginally price $3500, we paid less than half.

It's solid birch with a traditional cherry finish (which we discovered is more brown than red). We actually bought the floor model of all of the furniture, which is part of why we got such a great deal, but at this store they don't see nearly as many fingers, jacket zippers, and purses than they would somewhere else. There was no damage that we could see. Can't wait to pick it up on Friday!!

If you live anywhere near New Bedford (even hours away) go to Baby Boudoir. If you can't find something you love there I'd be surprised!!

Otherwise, I also bought a snoogle. Which is my new favorite person. It is basically a C-shaped pillow that wraps around your body to give your back and hips support. It is so comfortable and has helped with the minor back pain that I've been having. It also helps me stay sleeping on my side throughout the night.

Here is the weekly (well almost weekly) poll:

How far along? 14 weeks 1 day

Weight gain/loss:
I will let you know next week when I have my next appointment.

Maternity clothes?
Most days I have maternity pants but I can still get away with regular shirts.

Stretch marks? Not from this angle ;)

Sleep? Fabulous now that I have a Snoogle!!

Best moment this week? Buying the crib, officially making it into 2nd tri

Food cravings: Nothing I want to brag about, lol

Gender: Still thinking boy, but who knows!

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? nope, too early

What I miss? I miss excederine this week. Aspirin just isn't helping my constant headaches!!

What I'm looking forward to: Next appointment on Friday. I'm hoping to hear the heartbeat and then find out when we get to see what this baby is packing!

Weekly wisdom: Today I am pregnant, and I love my baby.

Milestones: 2nd Trimester!!

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  1. Yay for crib purchases! My BFF wanted a black crib too, and ran into the same troubles as you. She ended up with espresso. We ordered our crib this weekend too! We got it from Buy Buy Baby, and me and MIL had 20$ off coupons, so we saved a ton (especially since MIL bought the crib :)


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