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Friday, April 2, 2010

Nursery Ideas

Yes, I'm jumping the gun, I realize that. But I can't help but try to start planning something. It's hard to wait until 20 weeks to decide everything that you want.

I just started looking at cribs and periodically asking M's opinion, and I think we've both decided we like black furniture. Originally we were looking at the Graco Kendal crib, because we wanted high safety rating and a relatively inexpensive price (this one is 169.99)

We also got our taxes done this week and I was pleasantly surprised. So I'm thinking we might start looking at some more expensive options. There are 2 warehouse type stores in the area so I think we'll look there first and see what we like. I think I'm a fan of the more traditional crib though, not so much the sleigh/convertible ones, but we'll see.

For the nursery, I'm love, love, loving black, white and yellow. A sort of "bumble bee" theme with less bumble bees and more prints. It seems gender neutral to me, but M isn't quite sure yet. We have plenty of time. I'm not finding a bedding set that I like with the color combination, so I might just sew a bed skirt and valences for the windows to make sure they are what I want. Here are a few rooms (obviously done by professionals) that I'm loving right now.

Obviously formatting is not my strong suit, but let me know what you think! Too girly? Too ugly?


  1. I like the 2nd from the top. I think that is the most gender neutral. Also, I love your crib! We are thinking of getting the Graco Charleston. I read in Baby Bargains that the manufacturer of the Graco cribs (Babi Italia I think, I don't have the book with me) got an A-, so thats encouraging!


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