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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A funny school story

The other day at school I was administering a practice MCAS test, so I had some students with me that I don't usually see, J, M, and S. It is a colleague's birthday on Friday and the kids were commenting how it was on the calendar. The conversation proceeded like so:

J: How old is Miss M going to be?

Me: You never ask a lady her age, it's rude (in a joking manner)

J: Oh yeah, and you never ask them how much they weigh either, right?

Me: Not unless you want to get punched

::insert chuckles::

L: Isn't there something else that you're not supposed to ask a woman?

Me: I'm not sure... (totally trying to change the subject)

S: Yeah there is!! Something about kids.

Me: I don't remember that one...

J: You're not supposed to ask someone how many kids they have? That doesn't seem rude

L: No, it's something else. I remember, you should never ask a woman if she's pregnant, she might just be fat!!

Across the room, my colleague is laughing and I can barely keep it together. Mind you, this is what I look like now

(17 weeks 5 days Disclaimer: it is smaller in the morning, I just got back from dinner at my mother-in-law's and ate far too much):

At least I know they think I'm just fat, lol.

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