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Monday, May 3, 2010

My New Obsession

Custom Crib set designing websites.

This one is great

They let you take fabrics that are already grouped and mess around with how you use them. Too much fun. (They are a little pricey, but totally cute) It gives me a little more confidence about how to make my own. Here's some of the ones I came up with just now!

Like I said, my new obsession. There are a few others out there that let you do the same, but this one by far has my favorite fabric choices. If you're bored, check it out. It'll eat up a few hours of your time. ;) The sets on this site will run you close to 300 bucks - so another reason why I would make my own, I'm cheap.

Here's the weekly poll:

How far along? 16 weeks 2 days

Weight gain/loss: Holding steady at down 5 pounds. Remember, I don't own a scale, so I only weigh myself once a month ;)

Maternity clothes? All the time, depending on what I wear, I either don't look pregnant at all, completely pregnant, or a few cheeseburgers past skinny

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Sleep? I'm sleeping well this week, when I'm not passing a kidney stone

Best moment this week? Wearing my first maternity dress to a shower! Everyone said I looked so cute, I love the compliments. :)

Food cravings: I have a wicked sweet tooth right now, more so than usual. I have to be careful...

Gender: Still thinking boy, we'll see in a few weeks

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? I'm still trying to feel something, but I haven't yet. I'm hoping this week or next week somtime.

What I miss? Nothing

What I'm looking forward to: The BIG ultrasound and getting to register for all the baby stuff in a few weeks

Weekly wisdom: Today I am pregnant, and I love my baby.

Milestones: Blood work complete, unless there are more problems!

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  1. I love that top one, blue & green are my fave colors :) And yes, that website is addictive...


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