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Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Shower

My mother, mother-in-law and 2 sisters in law threw me my baby shower last weekend.  It was perfect!

I'm not an easy one to surprise and Mike is not very good at surprising but he did a great job, and I really had NO idea that my shower would be that day.  My BFF Jess told me she was working so I was sure it couldn't be until the next weekend at the earliest, when she would be done with her second job on the weekends.  Sneaky...

For the last few weeks Mike's been telling me things to throw me off track - which is incredibly infuriating to someone with control issues.  I hardly left the house on the weekends without making sure I was "shower ready" with hair did, make-up and a somewhat flattering outfit.  This is not my usual summer routine. ::insert ponytail::  And, being in full nesting mode, it was hard to not worry that we wouldn't have anything for the baby (irrational, I know, but I can't help it sometimes).

Someone did tip me off before we left (and Mike called and told me to "put on a nice shirt" heehee), but that's ok.  They had the shower at my church hall.  My mom did baby blocks decorations with blue table cloths.  My in-laws did all the cooking - meatballs, kielbasa, sausage, and ziti, salad, fruit salad, and lots of goodies for dessert.  My mom made dynamites (basically a spicy sloppy joe).

It was so great to see so many wonderful ladies all in one place!!  There were people from near and far.  I felt so loved.

They played a baby shower bingo game with the gifts that ended up getting pretty heated.  Apparently I know a lot of competitive ladies!  Fortunately, no one got seriously hurt (I kid, I kid) - and I think people were entertained.  They also played a game where they put melted chocolate bars in diapers and people had to guess what chocolate bar it was by looking, smelling, and even tasting.  It was hilarious to watch grown women sniff a diaper with what looked like poop in it.  There were a few people (Mike included) that had a difficult time even looking at them, lol.  It was very realistic.

We got everything a baby could need!  All the big ticket items - stroller, car seat, pack n play, excersaucer, bouncer.  We got tons of lotions, baby toys, bottles, a boob basket (I knew I could count on my Aunt Nina to take care of my boobs, lol), cute outfits and everything else that you can think of.  We also got some gorgeous handmade gifts - lots of blankets (knitted, crocheted, and fleece), a scrap book to just fill in the pictures, handmade booties, a leather bound album that must hold around 1000 pictures. And gift cards galore - which I'm sure we'll be able to use for all of our cloth diaper needs, as well as for storage for all the great stuff we received.  It is difficult to avoid the baby clothes departments though - I might need an intervention eventually.

My mom asked me if there are things that we still need, and I honestly had a hard time thinking of things we need.  (I can always think of things that I'd like) I'm so blessed!

Here's some shower photos:

The decorations
Tons of presents, Ezra is so lucky!
All the wonderful friends and family
cute banner
Diaper game (I promise, it's chocolate)
Me, my BFF, and my niece helper - who I think was more excited about the gifts that I was!!
cutting the cake (duh)
Soon-to-be Mom and Dad (Mike always looks like he's trying to run out of the picture, lol)
I really can't thank everyone enough (thank you cards are almost in the mail). We really are so so so blessed to have so many people who want to take part in the arrival of our baby.  Even without the gifts, this baby is loved already :)

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