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Thursday, March 10, 2011

$Going Green$

and I'm not talking about the environment or the beer on St. Patrick's Day.

One of my new hobbies is searching for great deals - coupons, coupon codes, clearance sales, whatever.  I've joined a few deal websites that I love and want to share with you.
One website that I love is Ebates. I have said before that I love free stuff and I especially love free money.  That is basically what gives you.  You get a percentage of what you buy online back in CASH.  yes cash.  Not a discount, not some prize, not some silly gift card to somewhere that you'll get in 4 months with all kinds of restrictions.

Basically what you do is sign in through their website and then click on a link to another website to make a purchase.  For example, I just bought Ezra's Easter outfit from The Children's Place.  So I logged on to ebates, then found the link to The Children's Place and then made my purchase.  Ebates will send me 3% of what I spent in a month or so.  Pretty awesome.

They have all major and many minor retailers and also give you any current discount codes on the site. Each site has a different cash back amount and sometimes they run specials.  If you want to sign up, (I'd love your referral-it gives me free stuff-yes, I'm trying to bribe you) Just go here.

Two other websites that I frequent are

Totally Target - because we all know I love to shop at Target.

Basically they post deals throughout the day - either from other websites, in store, or whatever.  It's so exciting to jump on the internet and find some awesome deal that I didn't know even existed.  I've gotten a few free magazine subscriptions (and some for close to nothing), free return address labels, a free Discovery Channel DVD, Pampers gifts to grow points, coupon codes, and few other things for just shipping or very low cost.  Love. it.

I'll keep letting you guys in on some of the ways that I'm trying to save money - although, I'm not sure if I'm always saving money or if I'm buying more things just because they're on sale!!

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  1. I love eBates! I have gotten more than $50 back since I joined in December!!


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