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Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to make a teacher's day

Scene - kidney table, teacher and student reviewing flashcards of sight words

Me: We're going to go over your sight words now

Student: Why do we always do this? I don't want to.  Its BO-RING

Me: This is how we practice to get better at reading, so you can read fast like teachers!

Student: I don't want to read fast like a teacher - I want to play a game.

Me:  (completely frustrated and ready to pull the recess card) I know, but this is what we have to do.  Ready?

Student: (reluctantly)Fine - the, am, go, please, pretty - like you!

This is the same student that told me that people who kill birds to hunt are bad because without birds "how could we learn music?"

It doesn't take much to make my day!


  1. Don't you love teaching stories!! Last week I kept dropping things and one of my students told me "It's okay- you are sleep deprived." I guess I used that line a few times since going back to work :)

  2. My son isn't always that keen on reading practice either (and we parents are expected to help them do that at home). I'm hoping that once we get to the end of his reading scheme, that will be it and we won't need to do it any more. However, I suspect it will be replaced by some other homework. Never mind.


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