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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello cycle 11

Ug. My period starts today. This is the start of cycle 11 of trying to have a baby. It is so depressing. We really gave it our best shot this cycle, sexcapade and all. Oh well.

We are discussing taking a trip these next few weeks. Possibly Cedar Point, the Keys, or Disney. We can't decide. I do think we need to celebrate the start of cycle 11, so that I don't feel completely depressed and hopeless.

I am trying to make a dr's appointment for M. Hopefully we can get an SA (semen analysis) to see if it is a quick fix before I can go to the dr. in September. I just feel like it might never happen. I'm having a difficult time with that thought. Will we think of paying for IUI or IVF or just go to adoption. Lots of questions with few answers.

Hopefully a trip will help take our minds off of this. Maybe a charting break is in order??

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  1. sorry, I'm so late on this but I hope your break from charting is all it takes. (it's pretty boring to stalk a blank chart though, lol)


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