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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the week gets better...

I volunteered to make a cheesecake for Thanksgiving with my family. I decided that, since I was working 2 jobs and yesterday was M's birthday, I would make it today because I don't have to work until 3.

I went to the store, picked up what I needed, came home and started cooking. Pre-heat the oven for 325. After about 10 minutes the house smells terrible. I open the oven and a big cloud of smoke comes out. I hadn't put anything in yet.

Apparently, my husband sprayed oven cleaner in the oven 2 days ago and never wiped it out. I almost burned the house down. Great.

Now I have no cheesecake, 30 minutes, and a completely ruined oven. I hope we don't need a new one....

Happy Thanksgiving - FAIL

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