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Thursday, November 12, 2009


So apparently, I suck at blogging. Well, at least right now I do, lol.

Right now there isn't anything exciting going on in life. I think I ovulated or am ovulating right now. I skipped OPK's and temping this cycle and just decided to go with it and make it fun. It seems to be working ;). I'm hoping in just about 2 weeks I will be able to keep AF away for at least 9 months. Eh, we'll see.

Otherwise it seems like everyone is life, who isn't married, is getting pregnant. I know that it's something I need to deal with, but it does get very frustrating. M keeps saying how we did everything "right" and we're still going through all of this while all these people just get pregnant by accident or after 2 tries. I know how he's feeling, I just am afraid to let myself feel that way because I've been in that dark hole before and I don't want to go back. Not fun.

I'm trying to keep on a happy face, but it's hard sometimes. My friends don't completely understand how difficult a miscarriage is, which is understandable as none of them have had one. I think sometimes they are surprised when things they say upset me. For example, we found out someone we know who is engaged is pregnant and my friend proceeded to try to convince me how much that would suck. I can deal with the pregnancy news but I cannot be convinced that that would suck. Then when I told him that he was being completely insensitive, he went on about how he didn't mean it that way and he can't believe I'm upset. Gotta love it.

On a more positive note, I'm thoroughly excited that Thanksgiving is here soon. Next Wednesday we get to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra, which I can't wait for. I've never been. My brother got that for Christmas for my parents, M, and me. I just went to Christmas Tree Shops to buy Christmas dishes for Christmas dinner. I'm excited to be able to use them. I also bought Christmas cards, some disposable plates, and a small christmas tree with little ornaments that I'm going to send to M's cousin in Iraq.

Also, I've started to send my lazy ass to the gym. I've been doing yoga twice a week, which I love, and I've been trying to go at least 3 other times to run on the treadmill and do some weights. Sometimes it's hard to find motivation, but right now I'm enjoying it. I'm also in the process of getting a part time job at Target. In the photo lab. I think it will be fun, but I will definitely be busy!

I do love the holiday season. Can't wait to get a Christmas tree and start decorating after Thanksgiving! Here's a fun picture of our tree from last year. Happy Holidays!

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