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Sunday, November 22, 2009

What to do, what to do

So, I'm either 11 or 14 dpo. I decided not to chart this cycle, because I didn't want to be an obsessive crazy person, but now I'm an obsessive crazy person.

My instincts say, not pregnant, but I still have some phantom symptoms. I woke up today a little nauseous (but I ate mac and cheese at 10 last night), I'm exhausted (but I started working part time this week), overly emotional (but my pregnant cousin is up from Florida for Thanksgiving and we are having her shower at my house this Saturday), and funny cramps (which could be gas, or anything really). Can you tell that TTC has left me full of doubt???

I am contemplating when, or if, to test. I want to test right now, but I don't want to see a BFN. It's M's birthday on Tuesday and I don't want to give him a BFN for his birthday, but a BFP would be awesome. I don't want to test too close to Thanksgiving or the shower, but I also don't want to be worrying at those times either. I must've been crazy when I offered to host the shower. I wasn't planning on it lining up with a testing/AF week. Life can be entirely cruel at times.

I hate this cycle, with a passion.

So, I'm not sure if I should pick up tests or not. I feel like a crazy person. I will keep you all posted for sure.

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  1. hey, I am a fellow nestie, you and I got a bfp and then a miscarriage at the same time...If it were me I would test ( i tested 10 days po with my first child)....not knowing is always so much harder for me than knowing. Thats just me. Good luck with your decision!


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