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Friday, February 19, 2010

Things that I've learned

-Don't eat Oreo's for breakfast, you will get sick

-Chinese food = delicious, Chinese food + Chocolate cookies = ill

-I would rather have diarrhea any day, than be this constipated. M even said he saw a baby bump yesterday, and I had to tell him "no, I'm just backed up." Very Sexy.

-The normal "this is so important" feeling, is now usually about something not so important, like what brand of soup M bought me. I must relax.

-Nap time is wonderful, but what the H am I going to to when I am back to work next week!! I'm setting myself up for a cranky week.

-Sports bras are the 2nd best invention ever

-Bella bands are the best invention ever. Who'da thought, I can wear my skinny pants unbuttoned when I'm so bloated!!

Today is a good day. I'm so excited, positive and hopeful.

I called the doctor and asked about my first appointment earlier this week. I respectfully explained to the receptionist that I'm a complete wreck and there is no way that I can wait until March 22 to see this baby for the first time. I definitely need confirmation before then. She moved my first appointment up to March 4th!!! I meet with the NP on the 1st and then the doctor on the 4th!! I'm so excited. Only 2 weeks to go. I think that really put my mind at ease with everything.

Hopefully we see a flicker of a heartbeat and then we can start telling family and close friends. I feel like I'm living a lie with this secret. I had lunch with my mom yesterday and it took everything out of me not to blurt it out in the restaurant!!

So 14 days and counting...

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