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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 weeks 4 days

If I guestimate from when I got my positive test (because this is the one month in a year and a half that I didn't keep track of the exact day my period started), I'm about 6 weeks 4 days today. That is the same day that I had my miscarriage last time. Yikes.

I can't completely understand why this is such a huge milestone for me, but it is. I'm still having morning sickness (or all day sickness really) and a list of other symptoms that I won't get into, which I keep trying to remind myself is a good thing. I know there is no guarantee that if everything goes well today everything will go well for 9 months, but I feel like its a good sign. And I'm going to take whatever good signs I can get right now.

So, I said a prayer for my first cherub this morning, and then for this little one. Apparently it's about the size of a pea, how cute! Only 9 more days until we get to see him/her for the first time...

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  1. I remember when I hit the day the I m/c during this was a very scary and surreal day. There are many milestones in a pregnancy after a loss, this is one of them. Sending happy thoughts your way!!!


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