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Thursday, March 4, 2010


In approximately 7 hours I'll be heading to the doctor for our first pre-natal appointment. Scary. I'm excited and afraid all at once. I have a gut feeling that everything will be ok, but after experiencing one loss it's almost impossible not to also have the doubt and worry.

I'm excited we'll get to see the baby (or babies as M keeps saying, he's convinced it's twins) and hear about all the millions of things that I can't do and all the other millions of things that I'm supposed to do. I'm hoping that the doctor will have some other tips on how to help me with this nausea. I am having a hard time eating because certain foods make me gag just by sight, and others give me an awful after taste that makes me want to puke. Fortunately, the puking has been kept to a minimum, but I'm finding it hard to function as a normal human being when I have to travel with a plastic puke-bag everywhere I go because any minimally offensive smell or sight might make me hurl. It is definitely a small price to pay for motherhood (but it still sux) ;)

So wish me luck, and hopefully I have a cute little baby to show you all later today!

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