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Friday, July 2, 2010

New Weekly Poll

I've decided to change some of the questions in the weekly poll, because they don't entirely apply to me and I feel like I'm always saying the same thing. I'm going to *try* to do it every Friday morning, since I'm home for the summer this shouldn't be a problem... although if you know me I definitely have a hard time getting things done on time!

This week, there isn't a whole lot of baby news. A coworker of my mothers gave me a TON of her old boy clothes this week. It was soooo fun going through it all and imagining a little body in them!! Not to mention, it was a lot of clothes and it will be helpful to avoid having to do both diaper and baby clothes laundry every day.

I also started reading a book about labor, called Easy Labor: Every Woman's Guide to Choosing Less Pain and More Joy During Childbirth. It's not as earthy-crunchy, avoid-the-pain-meds, as the title sounds. It basically gives a run down of what happens in the delivery room, who's there, and what options that you have for pain relief - from epidurals to breathing techniques. It gives perspectives from women and doctors about their experiences with each technique, good and bad.

I'm impressed at how easily it lays out each option and lets you know what the risks are and what information out there is a little exaggerated. It gives lots of scientific study information, without boring the shorts off you. If you're having a baby soon, plan to have a baby, one day, or know someone who is, it's a great book - just to give you your options. It's not judgy at all like some of the natural birth books can tend to be.

Another bonus, I got it used on amazon for less than 5 bucks with shipping... awesome!

How far along? 24 weeks 6 days

Weight gain: Up 5

Stretch marks? Just itchy belly, no stretch marks yet.

Sleep? I'm having a harder time getting comfortable, and I find that naps during the day are more productive than sleeping at night sometimes. I still desperately want to sleep on my back!!

Best moment this week? starting the crib set... (I'm lying a little because I just washed the fabric, but it's the first step...)

Food cravings: Anything cold - popsicles, Del's, ice cream, freeze pops - I have to force myself to drive away from the Del's in town, otherwise the car stops there and I can't control it!

Weirdest symptom: Probably itchy belly right now. I feel like Homer Simpson walking around scratching my belly... but it feels so good!!

Funny Pregnancy Moment: A little girl at church asked me to lift up my shirt so she could see the baby - like I was just carrying it under my shirt. LOL, I love kids...

Belly button in or out? In, but moving outward. I can actually see the end of my belly button now, where I have always had a super deep one

Movement? Constant. It's so fun to see my belly jump sometimes!

What I miss? Nothing

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing the baby room. I can't wait until it's complete! I'm also still waiting for nesting to kick in...

Weekly wisdom: Always pee before leaving for the grocery store. You will have to pee as soon as you hit the meat section... and grocery store bathrooms are always nasty.

Milestones: Viability - at about 24 weeks your baby has a 50 - 70% chance of survival if born early. The percentage goes up with each day that passes from this point. So our chances of an outside baby have gone up significantly in just one week!

Here's a picture of M and I going to a wedding. It's not really a great "bump" shot, but I like the "family" photo!

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