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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watch out for trees...

I was gently reminded by a cousin that I've neglected to update my blog. Life's been a little wild this past week, hence the title of this post.

Last Saturday, on the way to a wedding, my husband and I slid off the highway, down and embankment, and not-so-gently into a pine tree. Here are some photos of my beloved Grand Prix, may she rest in peace:

Needless to say, M, the driver, escaped death one more time in his life. He ended up with 10 fractured ribs (yes 10) and a fractured vertebrae (but not a serious injury). He also got to stay at Rhode Island Hospital for 2 days. Right now we're just trying to manage his pain with some heavy duty drugs so that he continues to breathe until his ribs heal. Which could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

I ended up with mostly bruises. It looked like I got into a serious fist fight and did not come out on top. I have one of those fun technicolor bruises on my leg that looks more disgusting as each day passes, and a black eye. But baby Ezra is fine. I got to stay in the trauma center for about 4 hours and then at Women and Infants for another 4 hours of monitoring. On the bright side, I did get to see the little guy again via ultrasound (yes, he's still a he) and once again the doctor commented on how active he is. He's no longer breech and has his head down, which is progress!

As much as the accident was scary, I just thank God that we are all OK. I can remember being hysterical telling the EMT's that I'm pregnant and I need to go to the hospital right away - I can honestly say that once I saw that M was breathing and conscious, I was more concerned about Ezra's little life than I was about either of ours.

In true pregnant lady form, I did request a large vanilla milkshake to come to the hospital with my parents at 11pm at night. Hey, I was hungry and injured.... and it was delicious.

Now the search begins for a true mom-mobile - a soccer-mom-in-training, grocery toting, kid mover. We were planning to get an SUV sometime next year, but have decided to use the insurance money from my car to get something now - although probably not as new or as nice as a year of saving would have gotten us, but nice enough. I'm sure I will update you all with pictures of the new vehicle when we find it.

In other news, the day after the accident I hosted a bridal shower for a very special cousin of mine at my house. Thanks to the help of my father in law, Erin, Matt, Chris, Jess, Heather, Nichole, Justine, and Heather T, it went off with out a hitch. I really wasn't moving very fast or getting very much done and even though I didn't have M's help to set up, my friends, family, and the other bridesmaids really helped a TON.

We went with a cheesy Vegas theme. Here are some photos of the party on the newly completed patio:

Another cousin sent me a box of baby stuff last weekend too. The baby's room is starting to fill up with stuff! It's so exciting

I can't thank her enough for all the great stuff that I now don't have to purchase on my own! It included a My Breast Friend breast feeding pillow, a baby positioning pillow, some nursing pads, and a whole bunch of adorable baby clothes. Thanks again Danielle!! I'm sure Ezra will be proud to wear Jack's hand-me-downs ;)

Now for the weekly poll:

How far along? 27 weeks

Weight gain: Up 8, according to M's mom's scale, we'll see at the Dr's next week.

Per M's request, Belly measurement: 39 inches around

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep? Going well, although Ezra does his aerobics at night now so sometimes I'm awake because my son is beating me from the inside or pushing on vital organs

Best moment this week? This is a toughy, but probably seeing him again on ultrasound. Sometimes I need to be reminded that there really is a baby in there

Food cravings: Still ice cream or anything cold like frozen lemonade.

My BFF Shannon also cooked me and M 5 meals, yes 5 meals. She's the best and I almost cried when she offered to cook us one meal, so 5 is just incredible. She's a great cook, too, and this means I don't have to go grocery shopping for a few more days!! So my new craving is anything I don't have to cook myself...

Weirdest symptom: my equilibrium is starting to be off... I almost fell while walking through a hallway. It was embarrassing, but it was like I just almost fell over, luckily there was a wall to catch me.

Funny Pregnancy Moment: Me on a stretcher, laying on my side propped up on pillows, being admitted to Women and Infants with a large vanilla milkshake from Burger King. Classic.

And watching Knocked Up on the TV at the hospital that specializes in delivering babies. It reminded me of when they played Titanic endlessly on our family cruise to Bermuda. Ironic.

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? All the time, at least once an hour I feel something

What I miss? Nothing

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing the baby room. I didn't get anything done this week, I need to get my butt in gear!

I'm also looking forward to my shower. I have no idea when it is and everyone seems to be doing a good job keeping the date under wraps... hopefully I'll look cute that day!!

Weekly wisdom: Don't be afraid to accept help. I always have a hard time letting people do things for me, but I have to say that this week I needed lots of help and I'm so so so happy to have so many great family and friends!!

Milestones: Third trimester!! The 3rd trimester officially starts at 26 weeks 6 days, so we are on our way to an outside baby!

Belly pic @ 27 weeks:

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