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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to school - Bubbla Nazi

Apparently, that's what I've turned into at school.

I have the pleasure of having my classroom right outside of the student bathrooms and water fountain (or bubbla if you are from RI... how many of you had no clue what I was talking about??).  On hot days the kids line up all day long to fill their water bottles with the coldest water in the building.

Kids, in a line, with no teacher in the immediate vicinity = talking, fighting, squeaking their wet sneakers, etc, etc. 

This means I'm in and out of my room 86 times a day, reminding the students that they need to shut their traps, keep their feet still, and get the heck back to their classes.  I've turned into the Bubbler Nazi. 
Last week I was worried about how clean the pool was and if I had laid out enough that day, this week I'm worried about who's talking in the bubbler line. The things you forget about when you're on summer vacation. 

I guess my first week at school is going pretty good if my biggest stress is who's talking in the bubbler line.  It could always be worse...


  1. LOL @ Bubbla! Its like that in Massachusetts too. I'm originally from CT, and we call them water fountains, and when I moved up here for college, someone asked me where the bubbla was and I had no idea what the hell they were talking about!

  2. LMAO @ Bubbla!! I've never heard that before!!


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