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Monday, September 27, 2010

"We should put the pillows in the Jeep right now..."

That's what Mike said when I told him I was 1 cm dilated after my appointment last week.  Then he proceeded to look for pillow cases.

Honey, no need to panic.  Yes this means I could go into labor at any time, but lets remember they still want me to labor at home for a while.  I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to get the pillows in the jeep, and if we don't have enough time, I have a feeling pillows will not be a priority.

Next came the worries about the hospital bag.  We have an empty bag in the corner of our bedroom that we're intending to put hospital bag things into, but neither of us have actually gotten around to thinking about it.

::insert panic attack about what the heck goes in a hospital bag::

Wow, I hadn't even begun to think about that yet.  Google isn't really being helpful, its just giving me everything under the sun that I could possible need if in fact there is a world disaster while I'm in the hospital.  That tends to increase my anxiety - and now I think we need a second bag...

One idea that I've come across that I like is a labor bag and a post-partum bag.  The PP bag stays in the car until we are in the post-partum room.  So here's my checklists for each bag (are you surprised that I'm making checklists?? you shouldn't be).  Please let me know what I'm forgetting and what I can forget...

Labor Bag
-cell phone chargers
-camera and charger
-2 pillows (I think I should move this to the top of the list for Mike)
-hair ties
-hard candy, snacks, drinks, water, and according to the nurse who taught the birthing class a major sandwich/lunch for Mike (she also said that the mother in labor could make this for her husband while trying to get through contractions at the counter... fat chance, methinks)
-massaging things (that darn tennis ball, lol)
-flip flops for the shower
-lip balm
-aspirin/TUMS for Mike

Post-Partum bag
-nursing bra, pads, cream, cover
-breast pump
-nightgown/bathrobe (I don't know if they'll let me wear my own stuff)
-more socks and underwear (although I'm looking forward to the disposable underwear they give you and the sexy no-slip grippy socks)
-receiving blanket, warm blanket
-hair brush
-toothbrush, toothpaste
-soap, shampoo, deodorant etc
-wash cloths (towels???)
-baby outfit, hat
-baby book (OMG! I need to buy a baby book, I'm such a bad mom already!!)
-going home clothes for me and Mike

That's all I have right now...  I'm trying very hard not to go over board.  Again, let me know what I'm missing or what I really don't need.

Next, more news from my shrinking wallet.


  1. I can't think of anything else. I know you have it on your list, you can't have too much chapstick...he he he hooo breathing really dries out your lips.. Mom

  2. You don't really need recieving blankets in the hospital, they will have tons of blankets. And honestly, they are the BEST swaddling blankets, so stockpile them while you are there.
    Things you might want to add:
    -reusable shopping bag to put baby gifts in. People are going to bring you presents, and one of the things that saved us time was dismantling all the gift bags, de-tagging the clothes & toys, and then putting them into bags so they could be washed right away when we got home.
    -pad of paper and pen to write down important things (who got you what, nurses names, other memories for the baby book).
    -Big, big cup for drinking water, so you don't have to keep refilling those little plastic cups.

    Also, the hospital will have towels and washcloths for you, save the space in your bag and just use their stuff.


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