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Thursday, September 9, 2010

They call me... Bargain Shopper

I think knowing that I only have 5ish weeks left has sent me on a shopping spree, (getting paychecks again because I'm back to work might also be the culprit, but we can blame the baby can't we?).

Although, I have become quite the bargain shopper.  Watch out coupons, watch out craigslist, I'm looking for deals and taking names!  That might be a little dramatic, but it does feel good to get a deal.

This week at Target the Medela Pump In-Style was on sale for approximately 20% off.  Add a 10% completion coupon and another 10% coupon and I paid about $180 for a $279.99 breast pump.  Awesome!

I'm going to keep it sealed in the package until I'm home from the hospital and everything (with my boobs) is going well.  My cousin (Danielle, what would I do without you!) has also given me an older breast pump that I'll probably use first just to make sure all is well before I open this one.  But I couldn't pass up such a fabulous deal on a very highly recommended pump - considering we'll probably being having more babies in the future.

I also bought some cute baby clothes (size 6 months, for later in life) on sale/clearance, too.  I love baby clothes!

I've also found a new addiction thanks to another cousin of mine (thanks Heather!),  Basically, it's a lot of cloth diapering mama's who are selling homemade wares, slightly to very used cloth diapers, and in some cases almost or completely brand new dipes for a discounted price.  I have been stalking the forums looking for deals, and decided to get some newborn size diapers for when the baby is first home from the hospital.  This means, we can skip disposables pretty much all together - hey, I'm going to save a buck wherever I can.

I got some gently used (read "used for about 2 months") highly recommended Kissaluv size 0's.  They retail for about 12 bucks a pop (more for the colored ones which I scored) and I paid a little under $7 a diaper including shipping for 12.  Here's a picture of them:

Basically, they are just the absorbent part of the diaper, secured with snaps and elastic.  Much easier than folding the old fashioned diapers and securing with a pin.  They are adjustable and fit a baby from 5 lbs to 15lbs - so about 3ish months depending on how big Ezra is.

I also got some homemade fitteds - basically the same as the kissaluvs, 12 for 20 bucks. (I'd post a picture but they haven't arrived yet)  So a total of $100 for a 2 day supply of diapers.  All I need is a few covers - because they'll leak through, it's only the absorbent part- and I have an entire newborn stash for about 100 bucks.  Not bad!!

Someone showed me a diaper study that said you'd use about 60 diapers a week for the first 8 weeks = 560 diapers total.  "They" say about $80 a month is needed for disposables (I don't know if that's a bargain or not), 80 x 3 months = $240.  So I've saved at least $100.  If I add in what I'll get for them when I resell them, or use them again for future babes, the savings only go up!

To a real bargain shopper this would mean money in savings, but if you know me, this just means I'll probably spend the money on something else.  Like this:
::drools::  I have tried to break my Vera habit, but it's not working...

I could list a few more things, but I'll refrain.  My impulse control is a little lower than usual with pregnancy, and this would not be an appropriate purchase for a Bargain Shopper.

P.S. Don't be shy to leave a comment (::points down::), if you select Name/URL from the menu, you can just type a name into it or leave it anonymous.  I'd love to hear from any of you!! ;)


  1. I guess I've taught you well...good bargains..I have to stay away from the baby clothes racks at the stores...I'm trying to wait until Ezra is here!!! Otherwise I think I'll be out of control. Mom

  2. Isn't baby shopping fun!! We are waiting to be matched as we decided to go down the adoption route after two years of TTC. I can't stop buying and shopping and we have no idea when our baby will come or what sex it will be!! Good luck!!

  3. Dude....Target is the BEST for baby clothes, they are so cheap! I have that blue family favorite sleeper and that dog shirt for Jack, they are both awesome, so soft!
    I have that Vera diaper bag, and I LOVE it. Definitely worth every penny, I bought it for myself, so I know its pricey. I say go for it and get it Mama! Also, I get emails from VB's website, and periodically (read: at least once/month) they do sales where there is free shipping on anything over $75. So you could get it that way, and then you don't have to go to the store and be tempted to buy, say, another purse for yourself as well ;)


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