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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

So October is a busy month for birthday's in my family, and it looks like we'll be adding another sometime soon... sorry folks.

But today is a celebration of ME!  I was born 27 years ago today at 7:31 am according to the only two people I know who were in the room, my parents. 

I had a gut feeling that Ezra would decide that October 13th is a fabulous day to have a birthday, too, but no signs of him making an appearance before midnight tonight.  We have been trying a variety of techniques to get labor started, none of which have worked.  (yes mom, I rubbed my ankles last night...)

I'm just noticing that it is more and more difficult to do anything physical - walking, moving, rolling over, reaching for the remote, etc.  We went shopping at Target today and now my whole left side hurts.  And every time I have the smallest twinge my brain goes into overdrive, I note the time, how long it lasted and then I realize I just have gas or I need to move.

But we shall see.  In honor of my birthday, my loving husband is out right now picking up a:

Yes, folks, a Carvel ice cream cake - I think I'm more excited about that right now than the small celebration.

My fabulous mother picked out the perfect matching Vera Bradley wallet to my new diaper bag with a little something special inside.  I already switched all my stuff over to it, so exciting.

My husband even got me a card from Ezra and crossed out the past tense and made it future tense in the card.  So cute!  (lets be honest, I cried).

And to top off a wonderful day, look what I found at Target - and Mike's cousin instinctively bought for me!!  (I thought I was going to have to order them online!!)


  1. Well, if he doesn't make an appearance today he can wait until my birthday on the 17th, good day to be born also. =)
    (Long time follower, not often commentor) =)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope Ezra will have a birthday very soon :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Come on Ezra...give your mom a late birthday present!


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