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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

T minus 48 hours...

Induction scheduled for Friday - as long as all of Rhode Island doesn't go into labor and they have a room available. 

So an end date in sight, it still makes me a little nervous to go with the induction, though, because we all know it hurts more and you have more of a chance of C-section.  Hopefully, if we get to Friday, Ezra is in a cooperative mood.

My doctor assured me that because I'm now a "good 3 centimeters" dilated, the chances of having a successful induction are good.  And since inductions are supposedly worse than natural labor, I might call and schedule my epidural before the day is over, too.

The doctor also re-stripped my membranes and I think rearranged my ovaries (at least that's what it felt like) in an effort to jump start things.  She used the word "agitated" I would have to agree with that statement because I was quite agitated and almost kicked her in the head.  Now I'm having cramps again, but still nothing timeable or definitive as a contraction.  Mike even took the bumpy way home from the doctor's (that would be route 146, thanks for the suggestion Lin!).

So, a quick nap, then some walking, ankle rubbing, stair climbing, trampoline jumping, spicy food, and maybe a glass of white wine.  We still have time, Ezra, before I have to deliver the eviction notice!!

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