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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


How far along? 40 weeks 3 days

Weight gain: I've decided that all you need to know is that it is more than 30 pounds, which is totally normal. ;)

Belly measurement: 

Stretch marks? Yup and they keep popping up.

Sleep? Could be better, but its ok. 

Best moment this week? My birthday!!  Ice cream cake makes everything better and it was nice to have some time with family and friends

Food cravings: nothing really

Weirdest symptom: My belly button... hurts.  I have to roll my pants down so there's no pressure on it and I have to be careful if I rub against something and my belly button hits.  I really can't believe something so insignificant every other time in my life has caused me such grief this week.

Funny Pregnancy Moment: I couldn't get enough breath to blow out my own candles.  My 3 year old niece had to blow them out for me.

Labor signs: Update - 2-3 cm dilated according to my doctor last Thursday.  Impressive.  I've been having some "cramping" but nothing really timeable.  The doctor stripped my membranes today (google that one) so I'm cramping right now, but we'll see if that turns into labor.  She seemed pretty convinced that I'd have the baby before my appointment next Wednesday.  If not, we schedule an induction.  (it is now Tuesday, no baby...)

Belly button in or out? Halfway out.

Movement? He's pretty still, but I think he doesn't have a lot of space to move around anymore.  Sometimes I think he's trying to poke his hand out of my cervix and wave hello...

What I miss? looking forward to my due date as an end point.  Everyday that I go over is one less day that I get to spend with the little guy before I go back to work!!

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing him, holding him, meeting him!  I can't wait for him to be here!!

Weekly wisdom:  Babies R Us is evil.  They suck you in with coupons and promotions but they're always on weird dates and have strange restrictions.  I've discovered the prices on their clearance items aren't that great either, disappointing.  I placed a $130 order and they are now telling me there is a computer glitch which is preventing me from getting my Rewards points on the purchase, but they hope to fix it... one day.  I try to avoid them, but they really do have a lot of things that other places don't!!

Also, don't put a towel under your carseat when you go to have it inspected.  Apparently the installation book from the manufacturer says it's ok but the Federal Government doesn't.  Friendly emails have been sent but I haven't heard back from anyone.

Milestones: My due date is clearly in my rear view mirror

Me and baby - hopefully the last belly picture!!

Dear Ezra,

You should be on the outside any day now.  I can't wait to count your little toes and kiss your cheeks.  I can't wait to see who you look like, if you have hair, and see how big you're going to be.  I'm so excited for your arrival, I can barely think of anything else these days!!

You've led quite an exciting inside life up to this point.  You've been to the hospital, twice.  You've lived through a car accident - Daddy broke 10 ribs.  You've been on a road trip to Washington DC to visit your cousin John.  You've been to 4 Boston Red Sox games.  You've been camping, swimming in the ocean and the pool, snuggled with the dogs, and kicked a few loved ones.  You've been to weddings, parties, cookouts, motocross races, concerts, and the movies. 

Some things you can look forward to:
-snuggling with your two crazy dogs
-working with Daddy in the garage
-shopping trips with Mom
-Halloween costumes
-Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas lights
-Charlie Brown movies
-the pool with Memere and Pepere
-camping with Nana, Grampa, and your cousins and aunts
-loud motorcycles and rides in the dump truck
-lots of hugs and kisses
-lots of loud family parties and dinners

I can't wait to take you to meet all your friends and relatives so they can go on about how cute you are!  You have lots of people on the outside who love you already and can't wait to meet you.  So come out when you're ready, but don't take too long!!


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